Server Rack Cabinets & Enclosure Solutions

Organization is a large part of your data center optimization. Regardless of your project or room size, we have the optimization solutions for you. Browse our line of data center racks, server rack cabinets, enclosure solutions, and rack accessories. These racks and enclosure systems feature rack power distribution units (PDUs), precision cooling, remote management, and wiring management.
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Integrated Solutions

Innovative solutions for SMB to Enterprise Data Centers. Allows the end user to minimize construction costs and maximize efficiency.

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Rack PDU

Diverse offering of integrated power distribution units for server racks and enclosures. Both monitored and controlled, monitoring, modular or monolithic in design.

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Rack PDU Sensors and Accessories

Specifically designed to optimize the efficiency and reliability of your Rack system.

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SmartRow™ is a fully-integrated data center infrastructure solution equipped with power, thermal management and infrastructure management and monitoring solution from Vertiv.

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Remote Management Solutions

KVM switches allow one to control multiple devices from a single console eliminating redundancy of hardware, consolidating efficient space, and increasing overall performance.

Access Inc MCR - Mini Computer Room Enclosure

MCR - Mini Computer Room Enclosure

Vertiv rack enclosure protection solutions bring together the full range of Vertiv support systems into a single package. Depending on the level of protection required, these self contained systems can include comprehensive, computer-grade support features such as cooling, power, monitoring and security — all integrated in a seamless, qualified design.

Access Inc Aisle Containment

Aisle Containment

Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration separates hot and cold air streams to improve data center infrastructure efficiency. A physical barrier – containment – optimizes this configuration for better cooling operation and higher efficiency.

Access Inc DCE Optimized Rack Systems

DCE Optimized Rack Systems

The Vertiv DCE Rack System is designed to meet the flexibility, ease of installation, and delivery requirements of modern data centers, and is available in pre-configured or customized builds.

Access Inc DCF Optimized Rack System

DCF Optimized Rack System

The DCF optimized 19″ data center rack system from Vertiv integrates computing hardware, power management technologies and peripherals in your data center. It provides superior design and flexibility, allowing optimal data center equipment performance and easy installation.

Access Inc Mobile DC Power Services

Mobile DC Power Services

Safeguard your critical power during maintenance and replacement services. A mobile power solution that is safe and secure is ideal for performing DC power system maintenance and capacity testing. Without risk of power dips or load drops.

Access Inc NetSure 2000 Series

NetSure 2000 Series

The NetSure™ 2000 series is a global family of high-density DC power subracks designed for network access applications. Featuring industry leading high density rectifiers in conjunction with an advanced controller, this system delivers >95% efficiency and withstands demanding environmental conditions. Available with integrated distribution for easy connection to a variety of networking devices.

Models vary by region.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE BD Series

Vertiv BBE BD Series

Vertiv BBE BD Series UPCBDs are round-cornered, square-design telephone closures suitable for copper or fiber* distribution. These closures are USDA accepted for use by the Rural Development Utilities Program (RDUP). The UPCBD3, UPCBD4, and UPCBD5 include a dielectric shield, cable ties, and a shield isolation bonding/grounding bracket assembly. Specific uses include termination of buried service wires and all types of splicing arrangements.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE CAD Series

Vertiv BBE CAD Series

Distribution enclosures for buried cable plant.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE DSL Series

Vertiv BBE DSL Series

Vertiv BBE DSL Series enclosures are designed to accommodate up to four DSLAMs or other environmentally hardened electronic equipment, and cable splicing. These above ground galvanized steel housings deliver maximum interior capacity and easy access to install and maintain active hardened telecom equipment. Screened louvered vents maximize heat dissipation and help minimize contaminant ingression.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE DSX Series

Vertiv BBE DSX Series

The Vertiv BBE DSX Series of enclosures integrate a protective, ventilated compartment for weather-hardened DSLAM electronics with a weather-resistant compartment for cross-connect fields in a single enclosure.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE FDH Series

Vertiv BBE FDH Series

The Vertiv BBE FDH Series of fiber distribution hub pedestals provides connections between fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in the outside plant environment.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE FDP Series

Vertiv BBE FDP Series

The Vertiv BBE FDP Series of optical splice enclosures permits fiber splicing, improves cable organization and houses environmentally hardened drop connections in FTTP applications.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE OPFO Series

Vertiv BBE OPFO Series

The Vertiv BBE OPFO Series of metallic and non-metallic pedestal enclosures is designed to protect fiber optic splices and equipment in both buried and aerial distribution systems. These large capacity enclosures are equipped with universal mounting systems to accommodate most 3rd party splicing closures. The fiber splice capacity is limited only by the size of the splice closure. Cable management posts allow for maximum storage of cable. A ground bar (OPFOP) and mounting hardware are included.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE PRO Series

Vertiv BBE PRO Series

Non-metallic 360° Access Pedestals for Buried Distribution Telecom applications

Access Inc Vertiv BBE SE Series

Vertiv BBE SE Series

Multi-purpose copper/fiber splice or equipment pedestal enclosures for high pair-count splices, cross-connect interface, fiber/coaxial equipment, loop treatment electronics, and combined connection applications.

Access Inc Vertiv BBE TV Series

Vertiv BBE TV Series

Vertiv BBE TV Series pedestal enclosures are above ground housings that protect CATV distribution equipment.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE / BBE / XTE Accessories

Vertiv CXE / BBE / XTE Accessories

CXE / BBE / XTE Accessories for outdoor enclosures and related equipment include a wide variety of supporting tools, paint, terminal blocks, mounting equipment, labels and more.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE AEX Series

Vertiv CXE AEX Series

The pole-mounted AEX Series is an integrated interface system consisting of a housing and drop-down terminal field the interface between feeder and distribution cables.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE BET – BSBT


The Vertiv CXE BET Series BSBT provides a cross-connect system for apartment buildings, townhouses, condominiums, light commercial buildings, and other multidwelling units (MDUs). This terminal features a splice chamber capacity of up to 300 pairs. The complete unit consists of the housing and divider plate. The plate is also available individually for upgrading existing Emerson BSBT housings via an easy-to-use slip hinge.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE BET – BUP

Vertiv CXE BET – BUP

The Vertiv CXE BET Series BUP is an outdoor-rated, self-contained building entrance protector for indoor or outdoor applications. BUP building entrance protectors provide a termination, protection, and distribution point for twenty-five, fifty, or one-hundred pairs (stackable to 300 pairs) at the subscriber premises. Potential application locations include multi-tenant dwelling complexes, hospitals, factories, shopping strip malls, schools, and campus environments.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE BET Series

Vertiv CXE BET Series

The Vertiv CXE BET Series indoor building entrance terminals protect the demarcation point between a Local Exchange Carriers’s outside plant cable and a customer’s building or premise cables.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE Blocks – Protection Panels

Vertiv CXE Blocks – Protection Panels

NetReach CO Series central office connectors that protect personnel and equipment from abnormal voltages and currents on incoming cable pairs and terminal blocks to connect to equipment.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE Blocks – R66

Vertiv CXE Blocks – R66

Vertiv CXE R66 Series blocks are used in telephone equipment rooms or sattelite closets to install key telephone systems, PBX systems, data cables, and other low voltage terminal equipment

Access Inc Vertiv CXE Blocks – RLS

Vertiv CXE Blocks – RLS

RLS Series IDC terminal blocks

Access Inc Vertiv CXE EXX Series

Vertiv CXE EXX Series

Vertiv CXE EXX Series expansion cabinets allows an existing cross-connect cabinet to increase from its original size without disrupting service.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE LCX Series

Vertiv CXE LCX Series

The Vertiv CXE LCX Series offers an economical way to satisfy low pair count cross connect needs up to 900 pair using RLS50 blocks. These affordable, above-ground metal pedestals offer many of the same features as larger, more expensive cross-connect enclosures and can be pad-mounted or direct buried.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE UCX Series

Vertiv CXE UCX Series

The UCX Series is an enhanced DRLS drop-down style center-feed cross-connect interface system equipped with 50-pair RLS terminal blocks, in pair counts up to 8100 pairs.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE UNX

Vertiv CXE UNX

The Vertiv CXE UNX Swing-Out Series is a cross-connect interface system featuring a center-feed horizontal jumper run for efficient installation of jumpers. The cabinets are equipped with RLS50 self-strip terminal blocks, and are available in pair counts of up to 5400 pairs. Vertive CXE XC cabinets are intended for use as a serving area interface or in a standard cross-connect application for feeder and distribution cables.

Access Inc Vertiv CXE UPX Series

Vertiv CXE UPX Series

The UPX Series are round-cornered, rectangular-design telephone cross-connect enclosures.

Access Inc Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv VR Rack

Standardize your deployments around the world and bring them online faster with the Vertiv VR rack. The Vertiv VR supports a wide variety of equipment including servers, storage, switches, routers, PDUs, UPSs, console port servers and KVM switches. The Vertiv VR is delivered ready for high density environments to serve your mission critical needs — even as they evolve and change. This rack gives you the flexibility you need with easy installation.

Access Inc Vertiv VR Rack Accessories

Vertiv VR Rack Accessories

Vertiv VR Rack is complemented by a comprehensive line-up of accessories including cable management, air flow management, shelves and support brackets, doors and security, and service parts. Tool-less options allow for quick installation and configuration.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 201 Series

Vertiv XTE 201 Series

Compact power, equipment and battery enclosures designed for small cell sites at the network edge.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 401 Series

Vertiv XTE 401 Series

Designed to discretely house DC power equipment, electronics and batteries in a single robust enclosure. The Vertiv XTE 401 Series is a family of three small single-sided low-cost indoor or outdoor rated aluminum enclosures. These enclosures can be equipped with a variety of inexpensive cooling, power, protection and battery options.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 601 Series

Vertiv XTE 601 Series

Vertiv XTE 601 Series of scalable outdoor enclosure solutions designed to ensure environmental stability for sophisticated electronic equipment and provide years of trouble-free service wherever the outdoor enclosure is deployed.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 601B Series

Vertiv XTE 601B Series

The Vertiv XTE 601B Series enclosures are available in a variety of heights and designed to accept NiCd and/or VRLA batteries, and can be cooled actively or by free air.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 601E Series

Vertiv XTE 601E Series

Designed to support C-RAN technology today while providing the flexibility to adapt to the 5G infrastructure needs of tomorrow. Streamline infrastructure at your site by consolidating electronics, power and batteries in a single enclosure.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 601P Series

Vertiv XTE 601P Series

The Vertiv XTE 601P Series of enclosures is designed to house DC power equipment, electronics and batteries in a single cabinet.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE 802 Series

Vertiv XTE 802 Series

The Vertiv XTE 802 Series Network Edge Enclosure, constructed entirely of lightweight steel, ensures vital electronic equipment is protected from vandalism and environmental damage.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE Platform Series

Vertiv XTE Platform Series

Designed to be installed in eight hours or less, the Vertiv™ XTE Platform Series is ideal for rapidly deploying cell sites. Prefabrication saves money, simplifies installation, and minimizes site disturbance.

Access Inc Vertiv XTE PTS Series

Vertiv XTE PTS Series

Vertiv XTE PTS Series provides main service disconnect, AC surge protection, AC distribution and generator connection in a single environmentally protected enclosure geared toward remote telecom installations.


Discontinued Racks and Containment Products

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