Who We Are

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Access, Inc. is NE Wisconsin and Upper Michigan’s premier source of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and critical support equipment and services. We work hand in hand with business owners, contractors, value added resellers, and engineers, helping them apply our products and services to solve their HVAC and critical support problems in the most reliable and economic way.

Our Core Focus

Ensure uptime with market-leading and performance-driven Power, HVAC and Monitoring solutions.

Our Core Purpose

Be an irreplaceable resource.

Our Core Values

Customer Success Ahead of Our Own
A corporate belief and culture that places their success ahead of our own. 

Educate to Dominate
Highly trained professionals educating customers towards superior solutions that keep businesses in business.

Creativity and Innovation
Providing unique ideas, alternatives, and solutions, applied to create customer value. 

Bust Down Walls Tenacity
A team with the determination, persistence and grit to overcome any challenge. 

Quiet Confidence
A team that lets actions speak for them. 

Our Goals

Be relied on by our customers to provide creative and economic solutions to their unique problems.

Be responsive and quick to adapt to changing market conditions and needs by applying world class technology to our products, processes and services.

Be known as the premier value added team in our market.

Continue to be a recognized leader in the markets we participate in.

Assign top priority status to any customer problem so as to expedite the solution.

Assign each associate team responsibility in serving not only individually assigned customers, but all Access, Inc. customers.

Exceed our customers expectations through continuous improvement in quality, service, productivity and time compression.

Meet The Team

Lee Heeter

Lee Heeter


D: (920) 967-8417

John Heeter (1)

John Heeter

Vice President

D: (920) 967-8413

Drew Heeter 1

Drew Heeter

VP - HVAC Sales

D: (920) 967-8408
C: (920) 637-1016

Seth Heeter

Seth Heeter

VP - Critical Power

D: (920) 967-8172
C: (920) 450-7126

Access Headshot Toddhilscher

Todd Hilscher

Outside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8413
C: (920) 450-7127

Access Headshot Steve

Steve Nagy

Outside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8406
C: (920) 450-7136

Mark Fernstrum

Mark Fernstrum

Outside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8416
C: (920) 450-7116

Derek Wolff

Derek Wolff

Outside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8413
C: (920) 379-2203

Tony Douglas

Tony Douglas

Outside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8412
C: (920) 450-7178

Allison Matz

Allison Matz

Outside Service Sales

D: (920) 967-8411
C: (920) 450-7143

Olson, Dawn

Dawn Olson

Service Sales Acct. Admin.

D: (920) 967-8409

Pete Porn

Pete Porn

Outside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8408

Selim, Osama

Osama Selim

Inside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8407

Bryce Odeman

Bryce Odeman

Inside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8418

Maddison Sauer (1)

Maddison Sauer

Inside Sales Engineer

D: (920) 967-8403

Litschauer, Anna

Anna Litschauer

Customer Service Representative

D: (920) 967-8161

Access Place Holder.jpg

Matt Patchin

Customer Service Representative

D: (920) 967-8404

Access Headshot Dan Mercier

Dan Mercier

Service Technician

Dispatch: (920) 967-8165
After Hours: (920) 967-8163

Access Headshot Craig

Craig Martin

Service Technician

Dispatch: (920) 967-8165
After Hours: (920) 967-8163

Access Place Holder.jpg

Ben Putz

Service Manager

Dispatch: (920) 967-8165
After Hours: (920) 967-8163

Administrative Team

Controller (WI)- Mary Van Oss
Accounting Clerk (WI) – Jami Jakubek
IT – Nathan Hipke
Administrative Assistant (WI)- Marcy Dobizl