NetSure 721 DC Power System

The modular NetSure 721 power system with 3500 watt or 2000 watt high efficiency rectifiers and 1500 watt DC to DC converters provides up to 4000 amps of current for –48 volt systems with up to 520 amps at +24 volts.


  • Scalable, Modular Design
  • Advanced Controller – offers battery management, AC service monitoring, site monitoring and configuration management
  • Remote Access – options allow users to view, control and interact with the system using an Ethernet interface
  • Plug'n'Play rectifiers and converters
  • Front Accessible High Density, compact design
  • NEBS Level 3 certified; UL Listed to UL subject 1801, FCC Class B


  • Simple to install and operate; allows incremental cost-effective system growth
  • Enhanced real-time visibility into what's powering your network
  • Add power capacity without changing the settings and making adjustments; no system interruption
  • Allows for easy installation, additions and maintenance
  • Save floor space with this high density, compact design
  • Adherence to strict compliance standards ensures years of safe and reliable operation