Liebert Liqui-tect LP3000

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The Liqui-tect LP3000 is a complete
monitoring system that monitors and
notifies the presence of water and other
conductive fluids. The LP3000 is an
advanced controller that operates in
conjunction with Liqui-tect sensing cable.
With the LP3000, the user can establish
“virtual zones” allowing the leak cable to
be segmented by user defined areas.


  • Interactive leak detection map
  • Quickly returns to normal statusafter sensing cable is wiped dry
  • Adjustable leak, delay, andcontamination thresholds
  • LED dot matrix display
  • Detection of broken andcontaminated cables
  • Event log
  • SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, andsummary relay output
  • Email alarm notification
  • Audible alarm
  • Capable of monitoring leaks upto 5,000 feet
  • Integration with:- Trellis™ Platform- Liebert SiteScan- Liebert Nform


  • Easily identify leak location
  • Avoid costly damage anddowntime with fastleak notification
  • Prevent nuisance & false alarms
  • Allow users to label unique areasfor quick identification
  • Simple integration with BMS,NMS & BAS
  • Identify cable disconnects& breaks
  • Annunciate multiple,simultaneous, leaks when otherdistance-read controllers areintegrated into the system
  • User set up and configuration

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