Avocent ACS 6000 Serial Consoles

The ACS 6000 console server series integrates advanced technologies, adaptive services and secure enterprise communications for high-end, large, enterprise data centers. These console servers offer the performance and reliability necessary to efficiently access and manage IT assets such as servers (UNIX, Linux and Solaris), routers, switches, public branch exchange (PBX) telecommunications equipment (DSU/CSU) and serial power devices.


  • Secure In-Band and Out-of-Band Network – For dependable remote management
  • Easy Configuration and Installation – Auto-discovery tool
  • No Adaptors Needed – For ACS console server and Cisco pin-out conversions
  • Compliance with Data Center Access and Security Policies – Customizable, multiple access levels
  • Integrated Power Management – Support for Avocent PM-series Rack Power Distribution Units (Rack PDUs), Emerson Network Power MPH2 Rack PDUs and third-party rack PDUs
  • Industry-Leading Enhanced Security Framework – Support security policies using preset and custom security profiles
  • Centralized Power Management – Enables monitoring and measurement of energy consumption and simplifies power and cooling capacity planning
  • Centralized Administration for Access and Control – Using Avocent DSView management software
  • Compatible with Next-Generation Network Standards – Including IPv6
  • Strong Dial Up and Secure Dial Back – Using optional built-in modem and USB modem (v.92) or 4G options
  • Access to Remote and Unreachable Locations – Using USB modem (v.92) or 4G options
  • Automatic Event Tracking – Plus notification of fault conditions
  • Regulatory Compliance and Easy Troubleshooting – Online and offline data logging with time stamps
  • FIPS 140-2 compliance: Based on the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic module(s) (Certificate #1747)


  • Superior security
  • Authentication
  • Easy connection and configuration
  • Centralized management using Avocent DSView management software
  • High availability and accessibility
  • Extremely flexible scripting capabilities that enable customization and standardization of critical tasks
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Compatible with next-generation network standards