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The YORK® YZ chiller is a revolutionary advancement that challenges everything about conventional chiller design. Built upon decades of industry-leading chiller expertise, our engineers questioned every component, analyzed every function and challenged every assumption.

Optimized for Ultimate Performance
The design premise for the YORK® YZ was simple: don’t just make a new chiller – make the best chiller. This was accomplished through a holistic approach to system design and engineering, optimizing every component around a carefully selected next generation refrigerant for ultimate performance.

Dramatically Lower Cost of Ownership
To maximize value, the YORK® YZ design has been optimized to minimize operating costs by leveraging the benefits of a new refrigerant in our new heat exchangers and motor/compressor driveline while also mitigating the high cost of a next generation refrigerant.

The New Definition of Sustainability
True sustainability means the lowest total emissions – from beginning to end. Adapting a chiller design to a new refrigerant is not enough. That’s why the YORK® YZ was specifically designed to maximize the potential energy efficiency of a low-GWP refrigerant. Our design optimization for the highest possible efficiency, combined with a low-GWP refrigerant, makes the YORK® YZ  centrifugal Chiller the best choice for the environment.

The Reliability of the YORK YZ Chiller

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