VAV Terminal Boxes


Anemostat Air Distribution

Grilles, Registers, Return Grilles, Return Registers, Filter Grilles, Stainless Steel Grilles, Stainless Steel Grilles & Registers, Extruded Aluminum Linear Bar Grilles & Registers,  Linear Diffusers, Square Diffusers, Perforated Diffusers, Plenum Slot Diffusers, Circular Diffusers, VAV Diffusers, Nozzle – Jet, Security Grilles, Air Terminals, Analog Electronic Controls, Pneumatic Controls, Direct Digital Controls, BAC-8000 Series, BAC-9000 Series, Hot Water Coil Valve Packages, Single Duct Terminals, Dual Duct Terminals, Fan Powered Terminals, Critical Space Terminals, Retrofit Kits and Valves, Jet Induction Terminals, Bypass / Relief Terminals, Air Control Valves, Laminar Flow Diffusers, Anemostat Operating Room Theater Air Distribution System (AORTA), Radial Flow Diffusers, HEPA Filter Modules, Ceiling Grid System, S-Vent, Electric Duct Heaters, Silencers & Acoustic Panels, Louvers

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Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, Inc.

At Johnson Controls, we’ve engineered our FlexSys Air Distribution Systems to address the critical needs of today’s work environment – energy efficiency, low lifecycle cost, better indoor air quality and improved comfort. The complete solution for your underfloor air distribution needs, our high quality Air Distribution System delivers clean, conditioned air directly into occupant breathing zones, reducing particulates in the air.

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Tuttle Bailey

Tuttle & Bailey

Grilles & Registers, Square/Round Diffusers, Perforated Diffusers, Linear/Slot Diffusers, Plenum Slots, Security Grilles, Critical Environment, Specialty Products, UnderFloor Products, Air Handling Coils, Terminal Units, 360 degree Product Spins, Displacement Diffusers, VAV Terminal Boxes

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