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AtmosAir Solutions

AtmosAir™ air purification technology actively contributes to better health by restoring indoor air to its natural state where no pollution or contaminants exist — while reducing energy use and emissions in the process. AtmosAir™ is the most proven and effective solution to reduce inhalable particle matter (PM), VOCs, and pathogens to create healthy indoor environments where people thrive.

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Gas Phase Filtration for Improvement of Indoor Air Quality

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Critical Labs

Monitor and report on the health of all of your equipment in one convenient, cloud-based web app.

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Custom Controls Company

Custom Explosion Proof and Hazardous Location HVAC Equipment Including but not Limited to, Wall Mounted Air Conditioners, Through Wall / Window Air Conditioners, Building Pressurization Units, Fans, Pad Mounted or Outdoor Packaged HVAC Units, Unit Heaters, Refrigeration Units and Dehumidifiers

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Delta Cooling Towers Inc

Full line of non-corroding cooling towers with capacities of 10 to 2,000 tons

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As Innovators in Clean Air Technology, Envirco manufactures a complete line of clean air systems for many industries requiring ultra-clean environments for critical technologies.   York Chillers, Screw Chillers, Scroll Chillers, Centrifugal Chillers, Condensing Units, Hot Water Chillers, Fired Chiller/Heater, Steam Chillers, Rooftop Units, Dedicated Outside Air Systems, Split Systems, Fans and ERVs, Air Distribution, Terminal Units, Dampers and Louvers

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Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls, Inc.

At Johnson Controls, we’ve engineered our FlexSys Air Distribution Systems to address the critical needs of today’s work environment – energy efficiency, low lifecycle cost, better indoor air quality and improved comfort. The complete solution for your underfloor air distribution needs, our high quality Air Distribution System delivers clean, conditioned air directly into occupant breathing zones, reducing particulates in the air.

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Kooljet Refrigeration Systems

Authority in freezing and cooling technologies for agricultural and commercial refrigeration. Used in wineries, food processing, cold storage, chemicals, plastics and more.

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Mountain States Equipment Co

“Airex” evaporative cooling/humidification units

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Pro Hydronic Specialties

Automatic flow limiting and manual balancing valves. Stainless steel hoses and coil hookup kits.

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Access Hvac Raecoils

Rae Coils

Industrial duty coils

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A-C Surge Protection Devices

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UPS and Power Distribution, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Data Center Thermal Management System Equipment and Professional Services for Critical Facilities,Power Distribution Units, Static Transfer Switches, Racks and Enclosures, Monitoring and DCIM, Preventive Maintenance Services, KVM, Alber.

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Zehdner Rittling Radiation

Zehnder-Rittling Radiation

Commercial fin-tube radiation with standard and custom enclosures, convectors, cabinet and unit heaters, induction units, radiant ceiling panels and panel radiator

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