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Addison Packaged Cooling Systems

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Today, all businesses need to have an efficient heating and cooling system to keep those conditions consistent, despite the weather outside. That is where we come in. At Addison, they’re dedicated to providing our clients with uniquely configured packaged rooftop systems specifically designed to provide conditioned ventilation air to help you maintain your desired indoor environment.

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ClimateMaster Dedicated Outdoor Air Units – Horizontal and Vertical

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Vertical Systems

Horizontal Systems

The Climatemaster DOAS provides the most complete solution for your water-source application. Our many options & configurations allow the design for outdoor air requirements to be incorporated into the water loop system, further enhancing the advantages of a WSHP application. The ability to precisely control leaving air dew point temperature in summer, handle extremely cold entering air temperatures in winter, & perform at part load conditions give designers unmatched flexibility in building design, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & energy efficiency.

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Modine Make Up Air

Modine Make Up Air Equipment

Available in Eastern Michigan, Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin, Northern Ohio

Our complete line of indoor and outdoor make-up air units gives you a broad range of options to meet your needs. Our duct furnaces can be ordered with several different options so it fits your specific requirements. Several options are also available for the outdoor and indirect indoor make-up air unit. In addition, our indoor/outdoor direct-fired make-up air unit is an efficient way to supply tempered make-up air to your space.

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Access Gasfired Ruppdirectfired

RuppAir Direct Fired Heaters

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Deliver the most efficient tempered make-up air for commercial and industrial applications requiring gas heat. For indoor or outdoor installations.

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