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Hoisting One of the Worlds Largest Dehumidifiers at the Milwaukee Hilton City Center

Hilton City Center in Milwaukee, WI

Hoisting a 30-foot-long, 20,000-pound Dectron Internationale Dry-O-Tron dehumidifier sideways into the semi-completed $40-million Hilton Milwaukee City Center expansion was a rigging challenge.

The huge 50,000-CFM unit — one of the world’s largest — will dehumidify the Hilton’s new three-story, 20,000-square-foot indoor water theme park. Besides dehumidification, the Dry-O-Tron® will also air-condition and heat the space, while simultaneously heating the pool water through an efficient heat recovery process. When available, excess heat is rejected into the hotel addition’s water source heat pump loop and extracted through a cooling tower.

“The 20,000 square-foot indoor water theme park is a first for the Midwest and a-one-of-a-kind facility for downtown Milwaukee.”

Gerald Rappaport,
General Manager,
Hilton Milwaukee City Center

Dectron Internationale Dry-o-Tron

The consulting engineering firm, took advantage of Dectron Internationales’ peerless capabilities of building and factory testing one behemoth unit with 110 tons of total cooling. While bulky to install, the single unit will save owner/franchisee, Marcus Hotels & Resorts, Milwaukee, tens of thousands of dollars in initial costs.

Instead of two or three smaller units, one large Dectron Dry-o-Tron dehumidifier Model DS-482 (482 lbs. of moisture/hr removal capabilities) will require less duct fabrication and piping, but more importantly it will cut valuable mechanical room space allocated for dehumidification by half.

It wasn’t easy to get the gigantic dehumidifier into the hotel’s expansion. But since the unit will save the facility tens of thousands of dollars in first costs, while providing patrons the most comfortable experience possible, it was certainly worthwhile.

Read the full Milwaukee City Center case study Here

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