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Performance | Flexibility | Peace of Mind – Choice Commercial Rooftops by Johnson Controls

Access, Inc – Wisconsin and Johnson Controls are proud to present Your NEW Choice in commercial comfort cooling: Choice Commercial Rooftops.

Choice commercial rooftop units deliver on their commitment to leading the industry in rooftop performance, flexibility and quality. It’s the most economical first-cost option on the market today for 15- to 27.5-ton comfort cooling.

  • Higher Efficiency
    • Surpasses Department of Energy 2018 guidelines by up to 25%
    • Exceeds DOE 2023 part-load standards by almost 10%
    • Has up to 23% greater part-load efficiency than comparable Johnson Controls legacy units
    • Has nearly 15% higher IEER ratings than some competitive, high-efficiency units.
  • Improved Weights:
    • Are up to 33% lighter than existing Johnson Controls models
    • Are up to 22% lighter than competing products
  • Fit on legacy footprints for equivalent tonnages without a transition curb

This is your first glimpse on a great new product by Johnson Controls. Your Sales Engineer at Access, Inc. is available to provide you additional information as it becomes available. Access, Inc., proud to present you a new choice with Choice commercial comfort cooling.

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