Natatorium environments are one of the most challenging commercial environments that design engineers will encounter on a day to day basis. Proper control of the ventilation air, space temp/humidity and pressurization are critical for the health and well being of both the occupants and building structure. 

The highlighted job is a retrofit for an aquatic recreation center. The facility had two existing large pool units from another manufacturer that were 13+ years old and failing. Items such as unit weight, unit dimension, duct locations and electrical loads were all critical in the design. Xetex sales engineers worked closely with their local rep to design replacement units with upgraded technologies while meeting the existing structural requirements of the building. These upgrades will result in improved IAQ and efficiencies to the owner for many years to come. See XeteX DOAU, Heat Recovery, ERV

Unit highlights include:

  • Outdoor unit with 2” double wall with 18ga Galv exterior/16ga Alum interior. Gasketed Thermal Break casing with injected foam insulation 
  • XLT Aluminum flat plate heat exchanger with epoxy coating. 
  • 43 Tons of Integral Air Cooled Condensing with lead Digital Scroll Compressors
  • 2200 MBH Indirect Fired Gas Heater 304 SS
  • DX coil with epoxy coating
  • Low leakage, aluminum dampers
  • 2” MERV-8 outside / 2” Aluminum mesh return air filters

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