Liebert SiteNet Integrator and Load Control Module

This product is discontinued.

The SiteNet® Integrator monitors and controls various network devices such as UPS Systems, Environmental Control Systems, and Site Security Devices. Two output contact closures control external devices. With an optional SiteNet® Integrator Load Control Module (LCM), the Integrator (Ethernet version) allows remote network control of up to six connected loads. The SiteNet® Integrator uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to communicate status information contained in a Management Information Base (MIB) to your Network Management System (NMS).


In addition to the UPS MIB, the Integrator also monitors data and environmental control conditions (see "Integrator Environmental MIB"). Basic SiteNet® Integrator features include:

  • Ethernet or Token Ring compatibility
  • Power source redundancy with two separate power inputs
  • Up to ten (10) digital inputs
  • Two temperature/humidity sensor input
  • One thermistor sensor input
  • Audible alarms
  • Two programmable relay outputs
  • Front panel status and output LED indicators
  • Programmable alarm traps
  • Customize audible alarms, output relays, LED’s, and traps to control how the Integrator communicates various information


  • Basic LCM Module features include:
  • Six separately controllable output receptacles
  • Output status and main power LED indicators
  • Adjustable start-up delay for sequential power-up
  • ƒEthernet compatibility