Liebert RX Distribution Cabinet

Liebert RX is available in 400A, 84 pole models, with options for panelboard level or branch circuit level monitoring. The compact cabinet may be used in a stand-alone configuration, or may be clustered in space-saving 2, 3 or 4 unit configuration blocks.


  • 84 poles in a 24”x12” footprint
  • Up to 168 poles in a 24”x24” footprint.
  • Offers current and branch circuit monitoring options
  • Floor or wall mount, or attach to supports at end of rack aisle.
  • Installs with tool-less mounting to Vertiv DCM Racks.
  • Allows configuration as a single unit, or two, three or four cabinet clusters


  • Smallest footprint 84 pole power distribution unit
  • Multiple configuration options allow optimization of data center space – two, three or four units may be installed in space-saving clusters.
  • Fits standard raised-floor tile, while permitting removal of adjacent floor tiles.
  • The 100% rated 400 Amp main circuit breaker better coordinates with today’s 30A and 60A branch breakers than smaller 225A mains, providing better selective tripping.
  • Each panelboard is totally isolated – any potential arc flash is contained within the cabinet when installed back-to-back and each is receiving a separate feed from a dual bus system.
  • Wide open access channels provide six inches of access space, and individual hinged covers, allowing easy addition of future circuits.
  • Compact cabinet conserves valuable floor space
  • Packaged system is easy to install, maintain and add additional circuits.

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