Liebert PSI

Liebert PSI is a compact, line-interactive UPS system with flexible design, incorporating buck/boost automatic voltage regulation technology.


•Line Interactive design with sinewave output Up to 7 battery-backed receptacles
•Extended battery options (XR models)
•USB and network communications
•Remote UPS monitoring through SNMP/Web Card
•Advance early warning shutdown
•Minimum five minutes of battery backup time
•Configurable input voltage window (110, 120, 127V)
•Data-line surge protection
•Hot-swappable batteries
•Cold-start on battery
•Fully RoHS compliant


•Liebert PSI is designed and packaged for flexibility and high availability
•0.9 output power factor for power maximization
•Up to 5 minutes backup time at full load, more than enough to grant orderly OS shutdown
•User replaceable, hot-swap batteries for increased availability
•Versatile rack-tower design which adapts to all types of installations
•Rotatable LED display which adapts to both rack and tower mounting
•Mounting hardware and shutdown software included in UPS package for increased ease of use