Liebert ICS Industrial Cooling

This product is discontinued.

Your process control equipment has to be tough in order to operate under harsh conditions, and the air conditioner maintaining the environment must match this durability. The Liebert ICS is designed for the physical needs of industrial sites, with rugged and serviceable components to ensure continuous operation.

ICS also has the intelligence that microprocessor technology provides. This advanced system provides close temperature and humidity control, improving the operating conditions for your electronic process control equipment.


Cooling coil. The Liebert manufactured A-Frame coil (slab coil on 60 ton models) is constructed of copper tubes and aluminum fins, and is provided with a rust-proof stainless steel drain pan. The condensate drain line is internally trapped to simplify installation. The large surface area of the coil allows greater cooling capabilities, and the split-coil design provides greater control during dehumidification.

Semi-hermetic compressors. Two independently-circuited cast-iron semi-hermetic compressors are the industry standard for rugged operation. The heavy, sealed cast-iron cases protect the assembly from dust, moisture and other contaminants. The field-serviceable design saves time in maintenance.

Stainless steel electric reheat. The fin-tubular reheat operates in three equal stages, providing greater control of air temperature. The low watt density, electrically enclosed elements are surrounded by the stainless steel tube and fins, reducing sheath temperatures that could cause ionization of dust particles.

Steam-generating humidifier. The micro-processorcontrolled humidification system adds clean, pure steam to the coil bypass air when humidity is required. The disposable canister, complete with supply and drain valves, is factory installed and located out of the air stream. It is also easily maintained—an indicator light on the unit monitor panel signals when the canister should be changed. Automatic humidifier flush cycles are tailored to your site needs to lengthen service life.

Removable fan section. Two epoxy-coated Class II fans are standard in all ICS units. These double width, double inlet blowers draw air across the cooling coil for uniform air distribution and effective coil performance. For greater reliability in operation, each fan is driven by a separate Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor. The entire assembly is statically and dynamically balanced to less than 2 mils, and is mounted on a front removable slide base for easy service.