ASCO Model 152 (Edco TCS-T1) Surge Protective Device

ASCO Model 152 (Edco TCS-T1) Surge Protective Device | FrontView

The ASCO Model 152 Surge Protective Device combines highly reliable, non-degrading Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD) technology, along with high energy gas tube protection. This technology combination leverages the best aspects of each protection method in a single, reliable design to ensure optimal performance.


  • Uses bipolar Silicon AvalancheDiode to provide nondegradingprotection
  • Provides unparalleledperformance in a compact,design
  • Offers RJ or hardwire connectioncapabilities to provide installationflexibility
  • Comes complete with ringterminals and a male/male RJ-45cable to make installation easy


  • 1 Year Warranty

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