ASCO 5110 Serial Interface Module (Acc 72A)

ASCO 5110 Serial Interface Module (Acc 72A) |

The ASCO Serial Interface Module, Catalog No. 5110 (Acc. 72A), enables serial ATS monitoring when used in conjunction with ASCO PowerQuest interface products.

The 5110 is used to connect an ASCO transfer switch to a serial network through a single RS-485 connection. It consists of two serial port connectors, which is used to combine the communications for the ATS Controller and Power Manager (Catalog No. 5220) into a single RS-485 communications interface. A serial network of 32 devices can be formed by daisy-chaining the RS-485 ports together. An Ethernet Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Accessory 72E), may be used to convert the entire serial network into a single Ethernet interface, which provides a single Ethernet IP to access all of the daisy-chained devices.


Enables ASCO transfer switch to communicate serially -Simultaneously connect and communicate to ASCO 5200 Power Manager -Dual Serial Ports -2-Wire or 4-Wire RS-485 option -Din Rail Mountable -Troubleshooting LED indications
  • Device Power
  • RX (Packets Received)
  • TX (Packets Transmitted)