Rooftop HVAC Units

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Addison Packaged Rooftop Systems

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Today, all businesses need to have an efficient heating and cooling system to keep those conditions consistent, despite the weather outside. That is where we come in. At Addison, they’re dedicated to providing their clients with uniquely configured packaged rooftop systems specifically designed to provide conditioned ventilation air to help you maintain your desired indoor environment.

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ClimateMaster Rooftop HVAC Units

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Tranquility® Rooftop (TRE) Series provides a rooftop WSHP solution to meet your application needs. The TRE product line offers the option of introducing a fixed amount of outside air year-round or a modulating Economizer to provide free cooling when outdoor conditions are favorable. TRE units are designed for an extended range of source water temperatures, making it suitable for closed-loop, or ground source closed-loop systems. With high efficiency scroll compressors and belt drive motors, the TRE product line offers 13+ EER and 4+ COP.

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Johnson Controls Premier

Johnson Controls Rooftop HVAC Units

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

From 3–150 tons, there’s a Johnson Controls packaged rooftop system that is perfectly suited for you to install in any application, offering flexibility, exceptional energy savings, and lasting performance.

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Access Rooftop Modine

Modine Rooftop HVAC Units

Available in Eastern Michigan, Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin, Northern Ohio

Atherion DOAS rooftop systems are the ideal solution to introduce fresh tempered ventilation air into your facility.

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