Make Up Air Equipment

Modine Make Up Air

Modine Make Up Air Equipment

Available in Eastern Michigan, Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin, Northern Ohio

Our complete line of indoor and outdoor make-up air units gives you a broad range of options to meet your needs. Our duct furnaces can be ordered with several different options so it fits your specific requirements. Several options are also available for the outdoor and indirect indoor make-up air unit. In addition, our indoor/outdoor direct-fired make-up air unit is an efficient way to supply tempered make-up air to your space.

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Semco Make Up Air Equipment

Semco Make Up Air Equipment

Available in Eastern Michigan, Michigan U.P.

A complete line of desiccant-based products and systems that recover energy, increase ventilation and control humidity. SEMCO’s energy recovery solutions have been proven in thousands of applications to provide the most cost effective solution to the ASHRAE 62 requirement of providing continuous ventilation while controlling humidity under any operating condition.

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