Dedicated Outside Air Units

Addison Dedicated Outside Air Unit

Addison Dedicated Outside Air Units

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a study documenting the Addison Linear Capacity Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS). It achieved greater than 50% energy savings versus conventionally fixed capacity DOAS. Regarding this new variable capacity DOAS technology, they wrote “Addison HVAC has developed an exclusive DOAS package design that uses a novel combination of variable refrigerant flow (VRF), variable air flow (VAF), and Active Coil Exposure®. This design results in energy-efficient ventilation with the potential to meet diverse requirements without over- or under-ventilating”.

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Access Rooftop Modine

Modine Dedicated Outside Air Units

Available in Eastern Michigan, Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin, Northern Ohio

Atherion DOAS rooftop systems are the ideal solution to introduce fresh tempered ventilation air into your facility.

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Access Dedicatedoutside York

York Dedicated Outside Air Units

Available in Michigan U.P., NE Wisconsin

Bringing in fresh, outside air is crucial to maintaining indoor air quality, which helps both the health and productivity of the workplace. A dedicated outside air system (DOAS) delivers clean, dehumidified outside air in all weather and climate conditions. And with a YORK® system, you’ll also be able to meet ASHRAE requirements for fresh air and energy efficiency.

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