ASCO Surge Suppression Devices

Browse our full line of surge suppression devices designed to meet your needs, regardless of project size. Surge protection devices (SPDs) are your first line of defense against expensive downtime and damaged equipment from lightning strikes, utility switching, voltage spikes, and other electrical anomalies. You’ll find surge suppression devices for a variety of uses, including data surge protection, DIM rail, facility-wide panel mount, plug-in, point-of-use, and many more. Need help to find the best surge protection solutions? The Surge Protection Device Selection Tool helps you select SPDs for a broad range of applications from small data rooms to enterprise data centers.
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Data Line

Data Surge protection devices are suitable for all process I/O applications with a choice of low resistance units, high bandwidth, and a variety of voltage variants.

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Panel Mounted

Protecting a facility with this SPD parallel line is an excellent first line of defense in limiting high impulse transients to a level that is acceptable to most electronic equipment.

Plug In

The plug-in construction makes these SPD products ideal for easily protecting sensitive home or office equipment within harsh environments, including TVs, home theaters, satellite dishes, computers, printers, copiers, and fax machines.

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Point of Use

Installing protection at distribution, branch panel boards, and specific sensitive loads or (Point of Use) equipment throughout your facility is the best way to prevent damage and eliminate associated downtime to sensitive microprocessor-based electronics.

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A series of full-line high quality surge protection devices especially designed to protect sensitive rack-mounted electronics. these compact units provide reliable protection from a broad range of power problems while typically using only 1U of rack space.

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Signal Line Protectors

Transmitters and sensors are widely used in highly exposed areas, where lightning damage is common. Signal Line products guard sensitive instrumentation against what we refer to as “back-door” transients.

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Specialty Products

Associated surge protection products for typical and non-typical applications or installations.

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Telecommunication lines are widely used in highly exposed areas, or in long runs between buildings. Left unprotected at the primary and secondary, the conductors used in telecommunication applications are highly susceptible to transient impulses. Our telecom surge protection products are suitable for primary, secondary, and security applications.