Albér Universal Xplorer Industrial Battery Monitor (UXIM)

The Universal Xplorer Industrial Monitor (UXIM) is a real time battery monitor designed for Utility Bulk Power Systems and NERC compliance.


•Real Time Data Capture
•Overall String Voltage
•Individual Cell Voltages
•Ambient Temperatures
•Cell/Block Temperature
•Discharge Current Float Current
•AC Ripple Current
•Data Storage
•Vital battery parameters are continuously compared to user programmable alarm thresholds.
•View key battery parameters during a scheduled capacity test or during any power outage.
•Proactive Continuity and Integrity Testing
•User Programmable DC Resistance Tests Internal Cell Resistance Test (Battery State of Health)
•Intercell and Intertier Connection Resistance
•Test Stand Alone System
•No Onsite Computer is Required for Data Collection and Storage
•Easily Integrates to Building Management Systems 24x7 Data Collection, Analysis, and Remote Alarm Notification


•Windows-based software for real-time viewing, automatic data collection, data analysis, and report generating.
•Modular design easily expands to monitor an unlimited number of strings.
•Industry standard MODBUS protocol interfaces to third party building management systems via RS-232 and Ethernet.
•Communicates with an external computer via R-S232 or remotely through internal modem.
•Optional TCP/IP interface for network or Internet communication via MODBUS or SNMP.
Higher Availability:
•Can be used in conjunction with other Alber monitoring products to manage virtually all battery configurations with one software package.
•Scans pertinent battery parameters every 4 seconds, including total voltage, cell voltage, current and temperature.
•Automatic proactive internal DC resistance tests.
•Discharges are automatically detected and data saved for retrieval.
•Trend analysis provides the ability to analyze performance and aid in trouble shooting.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership:
•Optimizes useful battery life -- Instead of waiting for an inevitable failure or replacing batteries prematurely to prevent problems, you can continue to utilize your batteries longer and with confidence by knowing their true internal condition.
Ideally Suited For:
•Large UPS systems with up to 256 cells per string.

Technical Specifications