Albér Cellcorder CRT400 Cell Resistance Tester

Cell resistance tester designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards for testing batteries online. It displays and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance and intercell connection resistance. The well-proven Albér DC resistance test method completely eliminates distorting ripple from the charger, and produces very high repeatability in testing.


•Handheld battery cell resistance tester
•Displays and records information
•Allows transfer of readings to a PC for analysis and report generation
•Patented Resistance Test Method
• USB capabilities


•New graphical display makes menu navigation easy.
•Measures cell voltage and internal battery resistance as well as intercell resistance.
•Flash drive can be used to transfer data to your PC.
•IrDa allows wireless communication with a variety of peripheral equipment including compatible DMA-35-CRT Hydrometer.
•Battery Analysis PC software lets you identify bad cells, create reports and archive data. Higher Availability
•Patented Internal Resistance testing eliminates inaccuracy.
•Tests batteries from 0-16V.
•Includes new battery test clamps with interchangeable jaws.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
•Packaged system has lower initial cost.
•Stored trending data provides early performance degradation in individual battery cells, allowing replacement of only bad cells, extending the life of the complete battery string.
Ideally Suited For
•Single cell or multi cell modules

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