Aisle Containment

Hot aisle/cold aisle configuration separates hot and cold air streams to improve data center infrastructure efficiency. A physical barrier – containment – optimizes this configuration for better cooling operation and higher efficiency.


Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Increase of 30+% cooling efficiency Utilize existing cooling system.

Payback within a few months to less than two years Low initial investment.

Compatible with Vertiv racks, and racks by other manufacturers.

Variable standard components interchangeable to create custom solutions.

25+% increase in available cooling capacity by implementing aisle containment.

Interoperable with SmartAisle solutions for greater infrastructure visibility.


Flexibility Configurations to fit uniform and non-uniform aisles.

Retrofit to existing aisle configurations.

Variable standard components are interchangeable to create custom solutions.

Optimize cooling efficiency by up to 30% Increase space efficiency and availability capacity.

Easy to retrofit to existing hot/cold aisle configuration.

Suitable for raised or non-raised floors.