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Discontinued – Power Distribution Products

Discontinued – Power Distribution Products

Avocent PM 2000/3000 Rack PDUs

The Avocent PM 2000 and PM 3000 PDUs support outlet-level metering and switching capability to provide data center professionals the tools they need to monitor, measure, reduce and manage their growing power consumption costs of IT equipment. Thresholds can be created to allow data center teams to know before problems occur and minimize downtime caused by overloaded circuits. With the ability to support up to 22 kW and support for C19 outlets, the PM 2000 and PM 3000 PDUs are well positioned to support the high rack density found in organizations today.

Avocent PM 1000 Rack PDU

The Avocent Power Management Distribution Units (PM PDUs) include single-phase and three-phase models that support strip-level metering, outlet-level metering or outlet-level metering and switching. This advanced family of rack PDUs includes horizontal and vertical models for a variety of rack configurations in branch and remote offices.

DISCONTINUED – Liebert Datawave

The Liebert Datawave magnetic synthesizer provides the answer by meeting the power quality needs of today’s sensitive electronic systems. Available in capacities from 15 to 200 kVA, it conditions and distributes power, while offering convenient system control and monitoring — all in a single self-contained unit.

DISCONTINUED – Liebert Micro SmartSwitch

Liebert Micro SmartSwitch is a dual input, rack mountable power distribution unit (PDU) with a built in automatic transfer switch. The Micro SmartSwitch is capable of receiving power from two independent AC power sources and utilizes a built-in automatic AC transfer switch to quickly switch between them.

DISCONTINUED – Liebert PowerSure Surge II

Liebert PowerSure Surge II high-quality surge suppressors that offer protection against power surges, spikes and other problems on incoming utility lines. Three models are available to offer protection to suit most desktop and small office electrical equipment.

Liebert Precision Power Center

The Liebert PPC offers the benefits of a custom-tailored power system, with the convenience and cost savings of a pre-packaged, factory-tested unit. Housed in a single, self-contained cabinet, it combines distribution, computer-grade grounding, isolation, and power monitoring to provide the protection your vital computer or communications equipment demands. Available in 15-225 kVA capacity systems for raised floor applications and 15-150 kVA capacities in top-exit models, the PPC offers flexible expansion capabilities to fit growing sites.

Liebert RDC

Unlike standard Liebert Precision Power Centers (PPCs) and Liebert FPC, the Liebert RDC has no internal isolation transformer and requires 4-wire-plus-ground input from a Liebert PPC or other transformer. By separating the Liebert PPC transformer and subfeed breakers from the panelboard function, Liebert was able to create an extremely compact package. It fits the area of a standard 24” raised-floor tile while permitting removal of adjacent floor tiles. This conserves precious floor space and allows maximum installation flexibility. The system is available in multiple input and output voltages in 60Hz and 50Hz models.

DISCONTINUED – Liebert SmartSwitch

The Liebert SmartSwitch is a convenient point-of-use device that automatically transfers the critical load from a failing power source to an alternate AC feed immediately upon detection of a problem. SmartSwitch’s proven power switching technology allows dual AC power paths all the way up to the critical load for the ultimate in AC power system redundancy, power availability and fault tolerance.

Liebert Static Transfer Switch

Static Transfer Switch provides ultra fast, break-before-make switching between two independent AC power sources provides virtually uninterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment. When used with redundant AC power sources, use of the static transfer switch permits maintenance without shutting down critical equipment.

DISCONTINUED – Liebert Isolation Transformer

The Liebert Computer Isolation Transformer is a high quality, multiple electrostatically shielded, isolation transformer and spike suppression network designed for the protection of sensitive electronic systems from common and normal mode noise and transients. Proper installation is required for maximum system performance. The Liebert Isolation Transformer is available in capacities from 15-300kVA, three-phase, 60Hz or 50Hz. Multiple input and output voltage options available.

Liebert RDC Remote Distribution Cabinet

The Liebert Remote Distribution Cabinet (RDC) extends PDU functionality by packaging 168 poles (four complete 42-pole inline panelboards) in a stand-alone cabinet that fits the area of a standard 24” x 24” raised-floor tile.

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