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Trellis™ Real-time Infrastructure Optimization Platform

You’re ready to take control of your data center and looking for the best way to gather real-time information. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the way to go, and the Trellis™ Real-time Infrastructure Optimization Platform is the industry leader. With DCIM solutions on the Trellis™ platform, you’ll get millions of data points consolidated into meaningful information about your data center operations, energy consumption, and infrastructure dependencies. Browse the components of the Trellis™ platform below.

Trellis™ Inventory Manager

The ultimate tool for keeping track of all your assets.

Trellis™ Site Manager

Full tracking and reporting on the health of your devices.

Trellis™ Power System Manager

Complete management of your data center’s power system.

Trellis™ Process Manager

Intelligent workflow management system that increases efficiency and decreases risk.

Trellis™ Mobile Suite

Move, change, and add devices right from the data center floor.

Power Insight

A real-time monitoring and trending software avfailable for Liebert GXT3, GXT4 and APM UPS systems, designed for users with a distributed UPS backup infrastructure and who are currently using Liebert small UPS product lines.

Trellis™ Platform Unique Features

Avocent Universal Management Gateway

Provides a dedicated hardware link into the DCIM ecosystems.

Trellis™ Platform Express Edition

Out-of-the-box solution for faster implementation.

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